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About Me


The Start Of My Journey

I grew up in small town Pennsylvania. Although there wasn't much engineering in my area, I was always fascinated with figuring out how things worked. I grew to love technology and taught myself how to code in Java and create games in Unity. Upon graduating high school, I went to Colorado Springs to further my education.


I attended the University of Colorado to get my bachelors degree in computer engineering. I learned about both the hardware and software side of computers along with getting my minor in mathematics. While in school, I was able to participate in two amazing internships with Tesla and MITRE. I now reside in Omaha, NE with my beautiful wife and will be starting my Masters in Computer Science this fall at Georgia Tech.


In my free time, I like to rock climb, learn new coding techniques and languages, and play games online with my friends and family. I've recently climbed my first v7! I finished a ThreeJS course which I used to create the cool model on this page. And I'm playing through Divinity Original Sin 2 with a couple of my friends right now while building my own DnD campaign with my younger brother.

My Work


Tesla Intern

At Tesla, I was a silicon validation engineer. However, my team needed a devops engineer, so that is what I became. They needed to convert their test suite to be more scalable and portable, so I taught myself Docker and Ansible to containerize their suite and automatically deploy/update/destroy it on as many systems as necessary. I also wrote several tests in Python that were added to the testing suite.

MITRE Internship

MITRE hired me as a software engineering intern, and allowed me to increase my knowledge of devops. I created a portable development platform in AWS EKS using Terraform as IaC. The platform offered teams automatically generated accounts, Kubernetes environments, access to a pipelining tool called Concourse with custom made templates, and a monitoring solution called Grafana. Upon completing my internship, my prototype was put into production and is still being run today.

MITRE Full-Time

MITRE was so impressed with my performance as an intern that they hired me directly into a Level 2 position as an intermediate software engineer. My next projects allowed me to actually use the platform I had created and develop several internal websites to be hosted on Kubernetes. I developed 3 React applications. An internal documentation search that indexed multiple documentation sites into a single searchable registry, a schema site for searching and viewing schema data in a tree format, and a landing site for my division that showcased our products and services.

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